12 Low-Calorie Recipes

If you have ever tried to diet for any reason you will know how tuff it can be. If you want to loose weight or if you are looking to control your calorie intake for any other reason you are going to need some food that is low in calories.

bowl of tomato soup with french loaf

Tomato Soup

361 kcal

bowl of corned beef stew and vegetables

Corned Beef Stew

211 kcal

ministrone soup with french bread

Minestrone Soup

100 kcal

ratatouilie in a cast iron pot


140 kcal

mint and vegetable cous-cous on a plat

Mint & Vegetable Cous-cous

176 kcal

a bowl of green bean casserole with mushroom sauce

Green Bean Casserole

90 kcal

meatballs in a tomato sauce

Italian Meatballs

250 kcal

sweet potato and carrot chilli in a wok

Vegan Chilli

361 kcal

chicken breast cooked with grill marks

Chicken Breast

280 kcal

lamb skewers with tomato and peppers on cous-cous

Moroccan Lamb Skewera

250 kcal - Each

chicken fried rice cooking in a pan

Special Fried Rice

299 kcal

honey and garlic chicken breast with cous-cous and tomatoes

Honey & Garlic Chicken

256 kcal