9 Baking Recipes

When it comes to baking we often think of homemade bread, but there is a lot more to baking than just bread. The problem with home baking these days is that baked products are so cheap & easy to buy.

But nothing can beat that smell of fresh baked bread hot and just out of the oven, delicious

sourdough loaf on a floured board and cooling rack

Artisan Cob Loaf

By Cowbridge Kitchen

It is the best smell in the world, fresh out of the oven bread.

It is all too easy to just go to the shop and buy a loaf of bread, I do it myself. But every know and then I will make an Artisan Cob Loaf like this one. Not a bread maker or Bread tin in sight.

One slice of this bread will provide:238kcal, 5.5g protein, 4.1g fat, 1.5g fiber and 45g carbohydrates


sourdough starter fermenting in a jar

Sourdough Starter

stack of sesame seed burger buns

Sesame Seed Burger Buns

loaf of bread with a slice out of it

Cob Loaf

stack of crumpets with a block of butter


Sourdough Loaf

scones with jam and clotted cream


a jam muffin

Jam Muffins

digestive biscuits in a plastic biscuit barrel

Digestive Biscuits

chocolate chip cookies and a broken cookie with chocolate

Chocolate Chip Cookies