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Onion Gravy Recipe

Cowbridge Kitchen

Onion gravy is rich caramelised onions in a beef stock and it is perfect for a tasty sausage and mash.

You can substitute 100 ml of stock for Red Wine if you like, this will add that extra level of flavour to your gravy and the longer you let this sauce reduce the richer the flavour will become.

Onion gravy is pretty much like a thick French Onion Soup, in fact you can make this as a soup then thicken it up when you have finished with it as a gravy.

Love to serve this Onion Gravy over some creamy Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Onion rings.

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It takes about 30 minutes to make this
5 mins Prep time
25 mins Cooking time
Cooking timer Time
Nutritional Facts
This is based on 1/4 of this recipe
Calories: 97
Protein: 1.4g
Fat: 3.6g
Carbohydrates: 16g
Fiber: 2g
Sugar: 2.2g
Nutritional information Nutrition
This recipe will serve 4 people Table for Two Servings
Easy : This recipe is easy to make
Anybody can have a go at this recipe
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There are many different types of gravy, this gravy is the perfect for sausage and mash.

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    How to Make Onion Gravy

    three loose brown onions

    This Onion Gravy is a thick French Onion Soup, it is an onion sauce that is widely used in French and Italian American Cuisine.

    Onion gravy may be served to accompany foods such as , sausage and mash, Pork, Beef and even Hot Dogs.

    Onion Gravy is traditionally made with caramelised onions in brown sugar, then added to a rich Beef Stock and thickened.

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    1 - 2 Brown Onions
    2 tsp Soft Brown Sugar
    40 g Salted Butter
    15 ml Olive Oil
    40 g Flour
    600 ml Beef stock *
    3 beef stock cubes *
    1/4 tsp Black Pepper *

    Cooking Instructions

    1. Peel and cut your onions into halves, then slice them.
    2. Melt the butter and Oil slowly in a pan, when the butter is melted add the onions and cook on a very low heat for about 10 minutes, until the onions are soft.
    3. Keep an eye on the onions as you don't want them to burn. So keep stirring them with a wooden spoon.
    4. Make up 600 ml of beef stock using boiling water, 3 beef stock cubes and Black pepper.
    5. Add the Soft Brown Sugar to the onions and mix it all up with a wooden spoon.
    6. Allow the onions to cook for another 5 minutes so that they almost start to caramelise.
    7. Add the flour to the pan and mix to form a roux.
    8. Using a wire whisk, add the beef stock to the pan and whisk it into the roux to form a gravy sauce.
    9. When this is fully mixed in you need to let this simmer for 10 - 15 minutes on a very low heat.
    10. The sauce will thicken up as it reduces.
    11. Remember to stir it with a fork or the whisk every few minutes.
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    Chefs Tips

    You can make this gravy thicker or thinner by changing the volume of stock you add.