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jam roly-poly

Jam Roly-Poly

Cowbridge Kitchen

If you are looking for a classic pudding recipe then this Jam Roly-Poly recipe is very simple to make and the results are just the best.

Jam roly-poly is one of those deserts that go back to the 19th century. Guaranteed to bring back memories of those old school dinners, this roly-poly is a pudding the kids are going to love as much today as they ever did, a true family favourite.

Jam roly-poly is best served hot with lashings of custard but you could serve this with ice-cream if you fancy something a little different.

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This takes about 1hr 20 minutes to make
25 mins Prep time
55 mins Cooking time
Cooking timer Time
Nutritional Facts
This is based on 1/4 of a cake
Not including custard

Calories: 419
Protein: 4.8g
Fat: 2.6g
Carbohydrates: 71g
Fiber: 2.6g
Sugar: 39g (High)
Nutritional information Nutrition
This recipe will serve upto 4 people Table for Two Servings
Tricky : You will need some experience to make this
Anybody can have a go at this recipe, but a novice will find it tough
Chefs hat Difficulty
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This falls into the category of 'old School Puddings'. A classic 80's pudding, a bit like bread & butter pudding.

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Cost to make:
£1.84 / $2.33 (Est.)

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Silicon Paper,

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    How to make Jam Roly-Poly

    roly-poly and custard

    Jam roly-poly is an iconic British pudding dating back to the early 19th century. It was also called shirt-sleeve pudding, dead man's arm or dead man's leg.

    The name 'Shirt sleeve pudding' came about because it was often rolled and steamed in an old shirt sleeve.

    It became an 80's school dinner classic pudding along with semolina, bread pudding and apple crumble.

    The Jam roly-poly is made with a suet pastry smothered with jam, rolled, steamed and is best served with custard.

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    serving tray Cuisine:British
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    175 g Self raising flour
    85 g Vegetable suet
    50 g Caster sugar
    85 ml Cold milk
    1/4 tsp Salt
    150 g of Jam

    Cooking Instructions

    1. Start by getting the Flour, Suet, Sugar and Salt into a mixing bowl. Combine these ingredients with a fork.
    2. Next start adding the cold milk, continue mixing this in with the fork until it starts to for a loose paste, then get your hands in and form the dough together.
    3. When you have a loose dough ball , tip it out onto a floured surface and kneed it for a few minutes so that is becomes fully formed.
    4. Roll out the dough into a rectangular shape , a little bigger than an A4 sheet of paper.
    5. Then you can place an A4 sheet of paper on top of the dough as a template and cut it out to that size. This will give you a nice clean rectangular dough.
    6. Spread the Jam into the dough leaving a border of about 1 inch all around. Don't spread the Jam to thick.
    7. Start rolling the Roly-Poly from the one end , tight at first then a loose roll to the end. you will see the jam rolling out as you progress.
    8. You are going to need a sheet of tin foil and a sheet of silicon paper (You can use grease proof paper if you don't have any silicon paper, but you will need to grease this up a little.)
    9. Put the Silicone paper on top of the tin foil, this should be long enough and wide enough to be able to wrap the Roly-Poly completely.
    10. Put the Roly-Poly in the middle of the paper with the seal side down.
    11. Bring both ends of the foil up to join in the centre, then pleat the foil at the top. Keep folding it down so that the Roly-Poly is completely wrapped, then fold in the end to make a sealed parcel.
    12. Half fill an oven tray with boiling water and put at the bottom of the oven (About a litre should do)
    13. Put the Roly-Poly on the oven rack above the water.
    14. Cook for 55 minutes at 180 c.
    15. Be careful when unwrapping this, let it cool for 20 minutes first.
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    Chefs Tips

    You can use any flavour jam you fancy in this Roly-poly.

    Instead of rolling the pudding in tin foil why not do what I did here, and cut the roly-poly into rounds and put in a small baking tray. Cover with foil and cook the same way.

    I like to try different flavours of Jam, I have listed a few here but Im sure you can find many more to try.Jam 💬
    Strawberry Jam
    Raspberry Jam
    Blackcurrent Jam