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apple sauce

Homemade Apple Sauce

Cowbridge Kitchen

If you are going to cook Pork for Sunday Lunch then you are going to want to make Apple sauce.

Apple Sauce goes with Pork just as Mint Sauce goes with Lamb and Horseradish with Beef.

Making your own Apple Sauce is something that people don't seem to bother with today, after all it is cheap and easy to buy. But Nothing tastes like Homemade Apple Sauce, give it a try.

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Cooks in 2 hours
20 mins Prep.
1hr 40 Cooking.
Cooking timer Time
This is per 100g (Est.)
Calories: 63
Protein: 0.4g
Fat: 0.2g
Carbohydrates: 27g
Fiber: 2.7g
Sugar: 23g
calories Nutrition
This will serve upto 4 people table settings Servings
Easy : A complete novice can make this recipe. chefs hat Difficulty
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This recipe falls into the category of 'Old School Recipes.'

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Cost to make:
£0.87/ $1.10(Est.)

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    How to make Apple Sauce

    apples on a tree

    Apple sauce is traditionally served as an accompaniment to roast pork, often served on a Sunday in the UK.

    Apple sauce is cheap to make as it only contains a few ingredients. The main ingredient is obviously apples, you want an apple with a sweet taste so try to avoid large cooking apples in this recipe.

    Although very popular in the UK & Europe apple sauce is widely consumed in North America and Canada.

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    serving tray Cuisine:British
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    Apple Sauce Ingredients

    2 Apples
    A Splash of Single cream
    2 tablespoons of Sugar
    Horseradish sauce
    300 ml Water

    Cooking Instructions

    1. Peel and thinly slice up your apples
    2. Add the water to a saucepan , then add the sliced apples. Add the Sugar to the pan then bring to the boil, lower the heat to a simmer and allow to reduce by more than half.
    3. Reduce the sauce until all of the water has gone. When all of the water is gone and you just have mushy apples left, remove from the heat.
    4. Remove from the heat , then with a potato masher mash the apples into a paste.
    5. Mix in the horseradish sauce and a small splash of single cream to finish the sauce.
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    Chefs Tips

    Apple Sauce is perfect with Roast Pork.