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Croeso i Gymru

Welsh Food

Welsh food such as Lava Bread , Cawl , Welsh Rarebit and Bara Brith (speckled bread) date back hundreds and hundreds of years , so it is easy to understand how these classic Welsh recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

Sheep farming is the most common type of animal farming in Wales , so it follows that Lamb & Mutton are the most associated meat with Welsh food. 

Vegetables such as Leeks & Cabbage were widely grown in welsh communities , many of which were isolated and poor. This isolation and limited wealth was also a contributing factor in the development of traditional Welsh food. With large families and small budgets some Welsh recipes were created to use as much leftover food (such as veg) as possible. 

Cawl , for instance is a traditional Welsh stew made from neck of Lamb and vegetables. I can only imagine that the introduction of carrots , potatoes and other veg was a later addition to this stew , as they were not as widely available in Wales as Leeks & Cabbage.


Welsh Rarebit

Cheese on toast , Welsh style. This flavour full cheese recipe is as ancient as the hills of Wales.

Ideal as a topping for toast.


Traditional Welsh Cawl , a delicious broth made with diced lamb and diced vegetables.

Cawl is always better the following day , so make this up and then let it rest for a day or two in the fridge.