Teaser Videos

   Here at Cowbridge Kitchen we like to keep        you wanting more , so I have compiled a collection of Teaser videos just to wet your appetite.

You can see this Playlist on the  Channel

I will add new teasers to this playlist as we go , so keep an eye out for them.

Featured Video

Sweet 'n' sour Chicken in batter has to be one of the most popular dishes.

This is a great recipe if you fancy a home made takeaway tonight. It includes a perfect crispy batter mix as well as the            sweet 'n' sour sauce.

Add some nice fluffy Egg fried rice and Spring rolls for an authentic takeaway experience.



Slow Cookers

Check out these great ideas

Slow cookers are great for a number of reasons.

They are an ideal way of cooking in advance as you can throw your ingredients in and leave it cook all day.

Another great use for a slow cooker is to keep cooked food warm. Cook your stew , Curry or Casserole in the usual way, flick the Slow cooker to 'Warm' and keep that meal at a safe temperature for hours & hours.

Food Fight

        This space is reserved for you guys.             Yes that's right, it's a food fight for the best video.

If you have a good video of you cooking something good you can post it to the FaceBook page:

The best video will be posted in this space until a better one comes along

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