Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch

Traditional Sauces

Bringing out the best in any Sunday Roast must rest with the accompaniments, more specifically the Sauce.

Traditionally Sunday Roasts are Roast Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Pork.

Each one of these meats has its own traditional sauce.

  • Pork & Apple Sauce
  • Lamb & Mint Sauce
  • Chicken & Cranberry Sauce
  • Beef & Horseradish Sauce

Most of these sauces are best bought from the shop with one exception, Apple Sauce.

We have a rather nice recipe for this sauce right here, Homemade Apple Sauceand to be honest this taste sublime, better than anything I have had from the jar. 

Give it a go.

How to make Sunday Lunch

For some people making a Sunday Roast can be a daunting prospect and often ends up it total chaos and destruction. This however, need not be the case. 

For me making the perfect Sunday Lunch comes as second nature, I've done it all of my life. So let me share some experience with you.

Normally my first task is getting that veg cooked, and you know what ? You can do this the night before. Take a little look at how to cook perfect vegetables right here. But if you are OK with cooking your Carrots , Swede, Peas, Cabbage etc, then rest assured that it is easier to cook these the night before, cool them down after cooking (Fast) by running them under cold water for 10 minutes, draining them and putting them into containers in the refrigerator over night. 

You can even part cook those potatoes ready for Roasting. Just boil them for 10 minutes then drain them out and let them dry in a colander.

One Job Done !

So come Sunday morning it is just the Meat, Gravy and Roasties to go in the oven.

My first job on a Sunday is always to get that Vegetable stock on the go so follow my recipe for the Vegetable stock and the Gravy right here. You can get this cooked first thing as it is easy to either keep warm or reheat later.

With your Gravy made & Vegetables cooked you can get your oven on ready to cook your Meat and Roast Potatoes. Follow my guidance on cooking meat. Once the meat is in you can throw those Roasties on a separate tray right in there with it. 

While the Meat & Rosties are cooking,this is going to take at least 90 minutes if not longer you have time to make up that Stuffing & Yorkshire Pudding mix which you can find in the Extras section of this blog. You probably have time to do any dishes you might have, although there is probably not much mess in your kitchen right now !!

The Final Approach 

This is where my method differs from most conventional methods of plating up that final achievement. 

With your meat cooked and Roast Potatoes ready it is time to get this masterpiece together. Wrap the meat in tin foil (aluminium cooking foil) and let it rest. It can rest and stay hot this way for up to 90 minutes while you get everything plated.

The Roast Potatoes can just sit on some kitchen roll to drain while you do this.

With your oven free you can make your Yorkshire puddings now if you are having Beef , personally I have Yorkie's with everything. 

Plate it all up.

Using your cooked vegetables from the fridge you can plate up all of the cold stuff as you want it, then get some of those Roast Potatoes on there and a good spoonful of that lovely stuffing.

Finally slice your meat and plate this up as well. Using some foil you need to cover each plate of food so that it can go back in the oven to warm. I sometimes put a ladle of gravy over the meat before I cover them with foil.

One your Yorkshire Puddings are cooked , get them out and put the plated food into the oven and heat them slowly at 150 c to 170 c.  They should only need 20 minutes so get that gravy on the heat and make up that Mint sauce.

Remember that these plates are going to be hot when they come out of the oven so be careful... !

And There It Is

You can serve these meals straight from the oven with a gravy boat of piping hot gravy and a fresh Yorkshire pudding on the plate all you need to do is set that table, get some drinks and enjoy a traditional family Sunday Roast.