Welcome to the sunny summer food page

Here we are going to explore some exciting Al Fresco ideas as well as light bites , salads and summer snacks.

British Summer Time

I remember back in the 1980's when I was but a boy  , along with Rubik's Cube and drainpipe trousers ,  we would have long hot summer's . It was a shame that BBQ's were not the rage they are today. So we have the BBQ but not the long hot summer. 

Those days seem well and truly gone sadly , but on the up side when we do get a few hot weeks we are more European and Al  fresco dinning is all the rage.

There is a never ending supply of ideas for food we can cook and eat outside , Burgers , kebabs , jacket potatoes to name just a few. 



These delicious burgers are a must for the BBQ season , and lets face it.... It's a short season. 

So lets get these bad boy burgers made and cooked up

Minted Lamb Kofter

Ideal as a starter or as a light bite in the hot summer months. Whatever you do with these Kofters they are going to taste great with the yogurt & Mint dip

Chicken Sloppy Joe

The Americans certainly know a thing or two about fast food. This recipe is no exception , Sloppy Joe's can be made with any meat. 

This one is chicken.

Loaded Jacket potatoes

These jacket potatoes are divine , loaded with cream cheese mashed potatoes and topped with fresh chives. 

Baked in the oven until golden brown

Beef & Horseradish Burger

The perfect combination of Beef & Horseradish make this burger a hit every time.

Ideal for a BBQ