Welcome to the Sauces , Dips and Side Dishes Page.

 'Here you will find all of those classic and sometimes , forgotten extras that always take your fancy . ' 

Sauces , Dips & Side Dishes

' Behind every good recipe or meal is a great sauce or side dish ' There are many classic , authentic and amazing dishes , but what would they be without a good sauce or accompaniment. ' 

From the humble Garlic Bread , to hollandaise sauce , sweet 'n' sour and parsley sauce. 

Added to this we have , coleslaw , potato salad and many other side dishes. This is the place to fine my versions of many of these classics. 



Coleslaw , normally carrots , onions and cabbage all finely sliced and mixed with mayonnaise . Or you can substitute the Mayo for Yogurt , or go 50/50 . 

Whatever you do , this is a classic side. 

Hollandaise Sauce

This is a classic French sauce made predominantly with butter and egg yolks.

Flavoured with lemon & tarragon , this sauce takes a bit of time to make but is delicious with steak , and is the sauce used for eggs benedict. 

Apple sauce

I cant think of anything better than a good old fashioned apple sauce, home made with fresh apples , sugar and water. 

What a perfect accompaniment for a Sunday roast pork, or just to dip your pork scratchings in. 

Potato Salad

What could be better on a hot summers day than a cooling potato salad with your burger. ? 

Make this classic , potato salad in 10 minutes , with mayo and Yogurt . 

Sweet 'n' Sour Sauce

This classic Chinese dipping sauce is a must for crispy chicken balls, but also great with spring rolls or even prawn crackers.

With a pineapple , vinegar & sugar base this sauce is screaming out 'TAKEAWAY' it is a classic and dead simple to make.

Battered Onion Rings

If you are going to order a side dish with a meal , there are only a few that spring to mind.

Onion rings are right up there with the best. They are a great side for a steak or even as a stand alone snack.


Nothing tastes as good as home Made , right ? 

This mayonnaise is no exception, light creamy with a hint of lemon , this is going to be perfect with any meal.

Check out this quick , easy recipe.

Fruity Curry Sauce

This is a classic Chip Shop curry sauce, rich and fruity , yet with a bit of a kick.

Authentic curry sauce is hard to come by , but this recipe is perfect. 

Just like the Chippy.

Pine Nut Pesto

Pesto can be used as a topping for Chicken and many other meats. This stuff is great on a burger as well.

Use this to make lasagne Verde (Green Pasta )

Sticky BBQ Sauce

A good BBQ sauce can be used for anything , from a marinade for pork ribs to a dipping sauce for chips.

Why not try this in a homemade Kebab or as a topping for Hunters Chicken ?

Ragu Sauce

Authentic , Italian Ragu Sauce. Ideal for spaghetti , Tortellini or Lasagne.

This Sauce is a classic.

Chinese Curry Sauce

This simple but delicious curry sauce is ideal for adding to many Chinese dishes.

It is also great to use as a dipping sauce for Chips , prawn Crackers or even Potstickers.