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uncooked joint of beef

How to Roast Beef

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If you have ever visited a Carvery for Sunday lunch then you will know how great a perfectly cooked joint of Beef is, and for me is all about getting that joint of Beef tender and melt in the mouth.

This joint of beef is cooked slow in all of the beef juices so that it is lovely and tender and if you do this in an Air-fryer it is going to be even better.

Roast beef is traditionally served with Yorkshire Puddings and Horseradish.

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Cooking times for 1kg / 1.2lb joint
35 mins Prep time
Rare - 55 minutes
Med/rare - 65 minutes
Medium - 1hr 10 minutes
Med/Well - 1hr 20 minutes
Cooking timer Time
Nutritional Facts
This is based on a 134g serving
Calories: 201
Protein: 39g
Fat: 5g
Carbohydrates: 0g
Fiber: 0g
Sugar: 0g
Nutritional information Nutrition
This recipe will serve 6 people Table for Two Servings
Easy : This recipe is easy
Anybody can have a go at this recipe
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Beef is often seen as the iconic British Sunday lunch, served with Yorkshire puddings & Horseradish.

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    Perfect Roast Beef

    joint of beef

    Here in the UK we pride ourselves on the traditional Sunday Roast. This Roast Beef is an Iconic part of the British culture and is traditionally served with Yorkshire Puddings and Horseradish Sauce.

    Sunday Roast Beef has always been a family tradition in Britain, a time when the whole family got together and sat around the table , enjoying a tender joint of beef with all of the trimmings.

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    1 kg Beef
    Olive oil

    Cooking Instructions

    1. It is important to get the joint to room temperature, you can do this by leaving the joint out for a few hours before cooking. Or you can rest the joint in some warm water for 20 minutes, if you do this you will have to make sure it is fully dry before you seal it.
    2. Get a griddle or frying pan on the stove, add about 50 ml of Olive Oil and season this with Salt. Or you can rub the Salt and dry sage into the beef directly.
    3. When the pan is hot place the beef in the centre and allow to cook (Seal) for a few minutes turning the joint so that it is sealed on all sides. This should take 10 minutes or so.
    4. Heat the oven to 180 c.
    5. Add the carrots and onions to a baking tray.
    6. Rest the Beef in the centre of the baking tray.
    7. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes for each 500 g. So for this 1 kg joint I am going to be cooking it for 1hr.
    8. Add 25 - 30 minutes for each 500gs
    9. When the beef is cooked remove it from the roasting tray , and rest it on a wire rack for up to 1 hr before serving.
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    Chefs Tips

    This Roast Beef is perfect with Horseradish Sauce and Yorkshire Puddings.