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Learn how to make this Gluten Free flour.

How to Make Flour

How to make Oat flour : The video

How to make flour

There are many ways to make flour and many different types of flour to make.  In this blog I am going to concentrate on a simple OAT Flour that you can make as a plain flour or a Self Raising type. It is simple recipe that you can make in minutes with just some porridge oats and a food processor. 


Oat flour is high in protein and lower in carbs than regular flour and it tastes much better. It is also gluten free flourand simple to make. The ingredients you will need to make this are : 

  • 200 g of Porridge Oats
  • 2 tsp of Baking Powder (Optional)

You are going to need a food processor , but I guess most of us have one of these in the kitchen. You need to blend 200 g of oats in the processor for 5 minutes minimum, but the longer you do this the finer the flour will turn out.


Porridge oat flour

When this flour has been processed you are going to need to get it sieved so that the larger grains are taken out. 

Oat flour recipe

As you can see the flour on the left is fine and silky after it has been sieved. At this stage you can add the baking powder if you want this to be self raising. Add about 1 tsp per 100 g of flour. 

So what can you use oat flour for ? 

It can be used for all sorts of baking recipes from crumpets, pancakes, waffles and muffins. It can be used to thicken soups and gravies as well.

How to make the flour: Homemade flour recipe

This is pretty straight forward, you need to start with about 200 g of oats. Any oats will do, I am using porridge oats. 

Prep time : 5 Min

Put the oats in a food processor then blend on full power for anything upto 5 minutes.

The longer you process the oats, the finer the final flour will be. You can add baking powder to the flour when it is finished. 

  • Store the flour is an air tight bag
  • Keep in the refrigerator

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