French Cuisine

When you think of fine food you have to think French ? 

The French are synonymous with fine food , good wine and nice weather. 

France is also well known for making the best soup and great sauces , such as Hollandaise , Bearnaise , Bechamel , Espagnole and Veloute A Veloute . They are masters of making soup such as Bisque , French Onion and Bouillabaisse. 

The French can be credited for numerous dishes and are responsible for most of our cooking terminology. 

During the 14th century French cuisine was mostly influenced by Italian cuisine, in the 17th century France started to move away from foreign influence and develop it's own style.

French cuisine was dependent on the seasons , during summer months ingredients were in abundance , where as in the winter a lot of ingredients were preserved with salt , spices and honey.

Queen Marie Leszczynska introduced a number of dishes to the French cuisine , including Boucehees la reine , a chicken based recipe served on vol-au-vents . 

Hollandaise Sauce

Beef En Croute


Dauphinoise Potatoes