Where do we start with the humble egg , there are many different varieties of egg , duck egg , quail eggs and most popular of all ... Chicken eggs. 

We use eggs in our day to day life , from breakfast to supper. The egg is a staple part of our diet and we could not manage without it. 

You can cook an egg in many different ways , Fried , boiled , poached , scrambled or an omelette. Besides these ideas , other cultures use eggs in different ways. 

In Indian cuisine eggs can be curried (Egg Masala ?) , in asian cuisine they use them in Rice. The French use them in sauces.

In the UK we use eggs mostly for frying , scrambling , poaching and the good old fashioned omelette. An Omelette can be made with any number of ingredients. In fact it is believed that the omelette is the predecessor to the modern Pizza. You can add any ingredient to an omelette that you can add to a pizza , tomato , meat , fish , cheese etc ..... 

The egg is so universal that it is used in almost every culture around the globe. 

Here are a few of my ideas . 


Four Cheese Omelette

Poached Eggs


Scrambled Egg's 


Scotch Egg's

 Quiche Lorraine