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I have spent 30 years of my working life cooking , both professionally and at home. In that time I have picked up a whole bunch of knowledge and experience , that I want to share with you. So join me on an Adventure into cooking.

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A Roux

A Roux is the base to a basic white sauce, and is made primarily with Butter & Flour.

The Roux is basically a thickening agent for any white sauce, so once you have mastered the Roux you can pretty much make any white sauce.

I am using 300 ml of warm milk for this example , but you can use a stock as well. remember the more milk you add to the Roux the thinner the sauce will be, So this will be a medium to thick sauce.

  • 50 g butter
  • 3 teaspoons of flour
  • 300 ml Warm Milk
  • Method :
  • Melt the butter in a pan (Don't Burn it)
  • Add the flour and mix to a paste.
  • Slowly start adding the warm milk or Stock until the sauce is at the desired consistancy.
  • You can add Cheese to make a cheese sauce from this Roux. This is a fundamental technique that once mastered lets you make many different types of white sauce.

    There is a video available on YouTube HERE for Welsh Rarebit , where I make a basic Roux for the Cheese sauce.

    Perfect Rice

    The secret to getting your rice cooked perfect is not to over cook it and to remove all of the starch.

    Cook your rice in salted boiling water , enough to more than half cover the rice.

  • Only boil the rice, for about 5 minutes or until it is Al Dante , then get the pan off the heat and under running cold water.
  • Keep stiring the rice with a fork to remove the starch. Do this for about 5 minutes or until the water in the pan remains clear.
  • The next stage is to drie the rice off, you can do this by draining the water off through a colander and leaving the rice to dry, mixing it up with a fork to release all of the water. This can take upto a few hours depending on how dry you want the rice.

    You can decant the dry rice into a container and use when needed.

  • Warm in a microwave
  • Use for a special fried rice
  • What ever you use this rice for it will be perfect , light and fluffy.


    Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

    Cooking Terminology 

    If you ever watched a T.V. cooking show you will have most likely heard expressions like , Al Dante or Blanch ? Most cooking terminologies come from France and more often than not go over the heads of most people. Here you can find some explanations and definitions of the more common cooking terms : 

    • Al Dante - The point during cooking that food such as rice , veg or pasta is still firm to bite & ready to be removed from the heat.
    • Blanch - To partially cook vegetables in hot water or oil to make them softer.
    • Bouquet Garni - Fresh herbs tied together so as to be easily removed from stocks. Sometimes the herbs are in a net. 
    • Garnish - To decorate a plate of food with fresh cut vegetables , herbs or other garnishes. To make the dish look more attractive.
    • Infuse - To leave ingredients soaking in a wine or liqueur to season them.
    • Marinate - To soak meat or fish in an aromatic blend, to add flavour and tenderise it. Marinades are normally based on olive oil.
    • Poach - Most often referred to an egg being cracked into boiling water. But you can also poach fish or meat this way.
    • Puree - To turn a mixture of ingredients into a liquid in a food processor. 
    • Reduce - To heat a sauce or stock long enough for it to reduce and thicken in consistency.
    • Season - To enhance the taste of a dish by adding salt & pepper.
    • Julienne - To cut vegetables such as carrots into very thin batons. This is often done so that the batons absorb oil and other marinades. Ideal for salad dishes such as coleslaw .