Full English Breakfast Bites
35 Min
4 - 8
Bit Tricky
Full English Breakfast
Ingredients : 
Ingredients #1: 
  • 2 rashers of Smoked Streaky Bacon
  • 1 slice of Black Pudding
  • Sausage Meat
  • Scrambled Egg

Ingredients #2 : 
  • 2 Rashers of Smoked Streaky Bacon
  • 1 Slice of Tomato
  • Sausage Meat
  • 1 Slice of Mushroom
  • Scrambled Egg
Method : 
  • Mix 2 eggs in a bowl with a fork.
  • Tip the eggs into a pan of hot butter and scramble with a fork. Set aside in a bowl.
  • Using a standard set of Muffing tins (12 moulds)
  • Lay two rashers of streaky bacon in a cross shape into a mould, leaving the ends loose.
  • Chose one or mix and match the ingredient and start to fill the moulds with each ingredient.
  • Layer #1, Black Pudding
  • Layer #2, Sausage Meat
  • Layer #3, Scrambled Egg
  • Do this in any order you like.
  • Fold the bacon in a crisscross over the top of the fillings.
  • Bake in a preheated oven @ 180 c for approx. 25 minutes or until the bacon is crispy and brown.
  • Remove with a fork.
These Mini Breakfast Bites are ideal buffet food or you can serve them as a morning snack with some ketchup......
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