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Want to find out how to cook great meals ? You can learn to cook anything. If you are interested in being a better cook then look no further than our A to Z of food, here you will find many exciting dishes. We also show you how to cook food from around the world , learn to cook Italian food to Chinese food. Ever wondered how to make Chinese crispy Chicken Balls ? let me show you how. We have an extensive selection of soups , deserts and Sauces.  Below are a few of the hundreds of dished you can find at Cowbridge Kitchen.

You can find these great food dished and hundreds of other exciting recipes by using the A to Z below. You can explore our food website further by using the food search and typing in the name of the meals you want to cook or even typing in one of the ingredients in the dish. So come and explore a small part of Cowbridge by spending some time in The Cowbridge Kitchen , an adventure into cooking.

The A to Z of Food


Apple Sauce


Jacket Potatoe


Lamb Koftas


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Quiche Lorrain


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Veg spring rolls


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Spaghetti fritter

Slow Cooker Recipes

Family Food
Seasonal Food

Food from around the World

The Hungarians have based their food culture on stews & paprika , while the Chinese have many dishes using Rice & Noodles. Europeans such as the French have probably one of the widest ranging cuisines we know , from Pate to cream potatoes. Other eastern cuisines rest heavily on spices and India is one of the largest of these countries, with dishes like Chicken tikka and madras the Indian menu has been greatly modified to cater for the Western pallet,  as Indian and for that matter Chinese food has become very popular in the west. So much so that at one point Chicken Tikka Masala was the national dish of Wales !  


Regional food from aroundBritain

In Britain our cuisine is as unique as the accents from each constituent nation , Wales , England , Scotland & Ireland.

There are four nations in the UK , and each one of them has their own unique cuisine. There are Iconic dishes and less well known ones. A lot of local food was based around the availability and affordability of produce, most indigenous people were inherently poor so they made the best of what they could afford or produce themselves. 



Sandwich Fillings & Buffet Food

Tuna Sandwich Filling

Cheese & Onion Sandwich Filling

Mini Sausage Rolls

Quiche Lorraine